Writing Elsewhere + Other Work

I write for other places sometimes. Here are my collected works from corners of the internet; I’ll update this list as more things are added. Feel free to check out the links below if you want to peer into the inner workings of my brain and the thoughts that swirl around in it.

  • I’m an active staff writer at Rookie Magazine, and the myriad of words I’ve contributed to it can be found here
  • I write about having opinions, watching/attending local events, and popping off on various subjects over at The Gateway.
  • I’m a blogger at Shameless Magazine, and you can read the things I’ve written for their site here.
  • The pieces I’ve written for HelloGiggles Teen can be found here.
  • I interviewed Sage Adams, one of the Art Hoe Collective curators, for The Awl. 
  • Before I was a staff writer there, I submitted to every weekly Rookie creative prompt:
  1. Creative Response: A Letter From Cereiishula
  2. Creative Response: The Real Mystery
  3. Creative Response: The Life of an Outdated iPhone Model
  4. Creative Response: Motivation, Your Personal Cheerleader
  5. Creative Response: The Girl on the Train
  6. Creative Response: Disparity
  7. Creative Response: The Woman at the Piano
  8. Creative Response: Trust Yourself
  9. Creative Response: The Faeries
  10. Creative Response: The Accident
  11. Creative Response: You Know Who You Are
  12. Creative Response: The Scientist
  13. Creative Response: The Dinner
  14. Creative Response: Dreams are Weird
  15. Creative Response: An Email Reminder to the Opal Spirit Sisters of the Grey Mists
  • I wrote a weekly pseudo-journal-type thing for the now-defunct Zine Club Mag for a long time. While the site was still active, I contributed interviews, how-to’s, and other written pieces there. You can find the summation of my rambleroar here and here
  • A while ago I wrote a piece for Show & Tell Zine detailing the ins and outs of the peculiar phenomenon known as the Late-Night Sleepover Roundtable Discussion. 
  • I did a one-off post for Pop Culture Puke that might appeal to all my fellow ‘net nerds. 
  • I wrote a brief but impassioned piece on the state on Canadian schools in The Edmonton Journal which can be viewed at the bottom of the second page of this link.
  • In addition to my blogging duties, I’m also a regular print reviewer for Shameless Magazine. 
  • I created, co-edited, and wrote for this website from 2014-2015, in my twelfth grade year. I also wrote for its now-defunct print edition from 2012-2014 and gave a TEDx talk on innovation and the transformation from print to digital platforms. There used to be a video available of me speaking about this while gesticulating in front of a crowd of people, but it has since been removed by whoever uploaded it in the first place. All I have to say is that this is a lesson in impermanence, kids. 

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