an incomplete update from the desk of zhāo wǎn tíng

I feel very worn out right now.

Business school presentations have been gutting me recently, what with all the work and effort that goes into prepping the 25-page written document, and all the market and industry research, and all the calling of firms and editing of wording and financial calculations and figuring out if your four-person group is on schedule and writing analyses and gathering visuals and charts and graphs and determining market strategy and IT NEVER SEEMS TO END.

And then it does. One hour and 36 minutes ago, in fact. The deadline approached, we did the best we could, and sent it in. Now we have 24 hours to prepare a full PowerPoint presentation, rehearse our parts for the spoken performance, and, at 2:00 PM MST tomorrow, we will walk into our examination room with a couple other groups and some senior student judges and give the presentation 40% of our total mark for this particular course relies on.


I seriously can’t wait for Friday. Also, if you ever want to send me mail, feel free. I love reading messages. Thought I’d put that out there, since I’ve been getting a few messages lately and they’ve all been very sweet. ❤

Love you and wish a stress-free week on you. And now, back to business.

Also, a gift: I always, always listen to this when I study or do homework:

And here it is looped, which is the version I actually listen to:

It’s one of my favourite songs ever. I love all of Joji’s stuff.

P.S. I entered a few case competitions at my school since I last wrote here. The first was AICC, at which I didn’t place (lol), the second was the UAHRMA Case Competition, where my team placed third (!), and the third was EDGE Internal, where my team took first. WHOOOOOO! EDGE was right before the last week of work on the Big Business Plan Project, but. We won. Internal. It was totally worth.

(A case competition is a timed competition where multiple three- or four-person teams are all given an identical “case” about either a real-life or fictional company that details a specific problem the company is facing. Teams have a set amount of time to come up with the best solution they can for that problem, along with backup information to support their reasoning. At the end of the time period, all teams present their solutions live to the judges with accompanying PowerPoint presentations; the best teams, in the opinions of the judges, are moved through to finals. I quite like these competitions.)


yes, i wore this exact same outfit two days ago

Peep that snarky af headshot of yours truly.

Life update time.

First, the writing dealios: I was published in my campus newspaper, The Gateway, in the latest edition. I mean, it’s pictured above in print, but if you so desire you can also read the thing in full online without having to squint on the paper’s website over here. It’s about sweatpants, I didn’t pick the title (the editors choose those), and incidentally today I did not wear sweatpants. 

I elected instead for what’s obviously the pinnacle of structure: leggings. LOL. This printing makes me an official OPINION WRITER, so I can now say that I Got Opinions. A joke that only I understand thinly alluding to Charlieissocoollike‘s “I got opinions” t-shirt. 

Also: I wrote a bit about Rihanna’s new “Work” music video for the last Screen Time column installment over at Rookie, which you can read here. Watch the (v steamy) vid below:

In other news, I’m still waiting on my stats midterm mark return. Which I’m not patio lady looking forward to. No matter how many times I go through the whole do-a-test-and-wait routine, I can never seem to completely digest the feeling of waiting for the proverbial axe to fall while I’m uncomfortably shifting from foot to foot in place for the marks to be revealed. Dramatically. 

Short post, but there’ll be more soon. Stay lurrrvely!