on the wire

Things kinda feel shitty right now, if I’m going to be frank. I’m waiting on some marks I have terrible feelings about, I can’t manage to get any interviews for jobs, and I feel generally directionless when most of the people I know are doing more and moving up and progressing in ways I don’t feel capable of coming close to. I keep bursting into tears at the slightest jab, which is incredibly annoying, and even more so because I can’t seem to stop crying. Everything makes me sad, which makes for a very unproductive and demotivating time. I just kind of keep going to sleep and waking up and hoping something will change. It’s ridiculous. I know I don’t explicitly have reasons to be that upset, and yet I’m constantly on the verge of crying all the time. 

I included that picture up above because I feel happy when I see it.

Your song of the post is Khalid’s “Location”: