guess who just got out of homework prison

Yeezus I haven’t updated this website in months and months, but I can promise you that I’m still alive. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the interim, besides, y’know, going to school and traveling over the summer and working and the usual expected stuff:

  • I got four more tattoos, which brings my total up to six. They’re all black line work—it’s my favourite style.
  • I won a writing award at my uni, and then the piece I won it for was published in Glass Buffalo, the school’s literary magazine.
  • I published a cultural commentary piece (my first big cultural commentary feature!) on BuzzFeed News about asexuality/the lack of it in Riverdale~ it actually went viral for a few hours with the badge and everything, which was super cool!
  • I did a Money Diary for Man Repeller, which was fun!
  • I was hired as the Arts & Culture Editor at The Gateway, my university’s campus-wide media source!
  • I published a longform feature about oysters with The Gateway that was included in the November print edition, which I’m really proud of (๑・̑◡・̑๑)
  • I’ve been doing radio work with The Gateway for a while, but literally today the first episode of a little mini-series I’m creating was launched! It’s called Watch This Space, and it’s a project I’ve always wanted to see transpire. Credit for the dope-ass header image you can see above goes to Alex Patterson, The Gateway’s incredibly talented Art Director.
  • One of my essays is slated to be published in a major college writing textbook soon! Get ur analysis skills ready.
  • And last but not least by a long shot, I’ll be in the upcoming Rookie On Love book that’s coming out January 2, 2018! I was asked to write one of the essays in the anthology and I’m so excited to see it in book form.

Eff yeah, it’s been a time. Lots have happened since May—and it makes me wonder what other developments are in store in the future. The end of the fall semester is coming up; in the winter semester I’ll be starting my first co-op term as a consultant intern at an accounting, tax, and consulting firm downtown, which I’m super psyched for.

Okay, that’s all for now. It’s, like, 12:12 AM and I should sleep because I’ve been running myself into the ground lately. Curse you, school. But also, like, not, because school’s most of my life and I’d prefer to continue convincing myself that I am fine and this is all fine and I am that little hat-wearing dog in the flaming comic. Also, I mainly updated this blog for my friend Morgan, who is probably my most dedicated reader. Hi, Morgan! I will publish again here some time in the indeterminate and infinite future. Here’s a song to listen to as a token of my appreciation:

K gnite.


death to the capital

There may be 13 zodiac signs now but eh, who cares, I’m still officially a Leo.

School + work + club stuff have been kicking my butt lately, so fewer updates. Less rambling. Makes me sad, because I love these little blog posts. Random snippets of things that are on my mind right now:

Even with the addition of a new zodiac sign, I’m still a Leo. I take bizarre pride in that fact, probably because I don’t like change. 

This perfect song was just released today:

Ah, yes. True perfection. And the expression of the silent frustration and anger of humanity. Hit repeat.

Both my tattoos have healed up nicely…

Featuring a happily kneading Pancake.

The scab is from skinning my elbow rock climbing on a Super Wall at a ranch this past weekend, where I went on a bus-school trip with other bcom students to participate in a bunch of team activities, eat really good camp food, and get woken up at 5:45 AM, among other things. Though I’m really not a morning person, the trip got me to talk to new people I probably wouldn’t have encountered for a long time and connect to my faculty in new ways. I’m a pretty quiet person, but on that trip I did a bunch of speaking and teamwork and tons and tons of active socializing—and I’m glad I did. Do things that make you uncomfortable: it’s good for you in the end. 

Writerly news: I went to Sonic Boom, an alt music festival in my city, this year, and wrote about/live blogged my experience for The Gateway. And a while ago I wrote a short feature for Bitch Magazine’s “Kids These Days” print issue, which is (at long last!) available on newsstands everywhere n!o!w! Check it and all the other cool activists highlighted in those luscious pages out. 

Welp, back to Excel labs and accounting homework. Adieu for now, folks. Microsoft Office awaits.