the accounting student 

A Snapchat pic I sent to my friends yesterday, a.k.a. accountinghomeworkhell.jpg
I’m currently on the bus, which smells disgusting. It is completely dark outside. I have my face buried in my coat with my beanie pulled down low over my head. I am irritated at this long AF commute. 

Updates: I am swamped with schoolwork still, so nothing new there. I wrote this guide on getting a tattoo over at Rookie. You should read it (I say that every time, and I mean it every time). I got a full eight hours of sleep last night. I also cut my fingernails last night (I keep them short, almost too short, always), and I feel unproductive even when I’m doing homework. Is that weird?

My stop’s coming up. Pce ’till skyfall, homeskillets. 


i (am) niiineteeeeeen callllll meeeee

I saw Tegan and Sara last night! I got there, like, three hours early to be at the very front of the line and stood the whole time to be right up against the front rails, just like the last time I saw them a few years ago—they’re just as amazing live now as they were then. LOOKHOWCLOSEIWASTOTHEMOHMYGOD. 

School is school. Nothing new on that front. In terms of writing, I recently had an essay published over at Rookie, which you can read here!

In the midst of the clown epidemic, by the way: stay alert, yo. (I’m half kidding.) 

Protip: Wear this jacket if you want to be Goldmember for Halloween. 

That’s the end of this very rushed blog post. The next one will be better. Probably. Toodles!

a shortish update

Dixie cup head.

Long time since I’ve updated here!!! Not because I’ve got nothing to say, but because I’ve been really busy (and I don’t think I’ve ever had that experience before). At the cajoling of my friend MS, though, I figured I should slip in and give a shout about what’s been up with me the last little while. So over the last month, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Running around in New York City during my first trip ever there! It was glorious. I got some tattoos—my firsts!
  • Celebrating my birthday! In New York City. I went to Rubirosa with a friend and ate vodka pizza, which was delicious. Highly recommend.
  • Going on a mini road trip with my friends to Sylvan Lake 🚣🏻
  • Starting a new uni year! Ahhhhh!!!
  • Crowd surfing for the first time at a local music festival!
  • Saying goodbye to a friend who recently left for Ireland, where she’ll be studying for the rest of her university education. 🍀

In writerly news, I also published some new stuff over at Rookie: read up here and here and here and here! (Edit: A new piece examining the multiverse theory just went up today. You can read it at this link.)

That’s all for now. Be back soon 🕊

P.S. A little pic of my tattoos, for anyone who might be curious. They’re a little shiny in these photos because of the A&D ointment.

And a snapshot of me in the Museum of Natural History.

the imminent bey, among other things

Cats and hot dogs. I actually don’t like hot dogs, but I do like this photo because of what I call the WUT factor.

The Beyoncé Formation Tour is coming to my city on Frrrrriday!!! So there is that.

Also, Victoria Day is on Monday. When I was a little kid, I used to think (like a lot of others of the Victoria-dubbed crowd I’ve met) that V-Day was for me, rather than Queen Victoria. But anyway. That’s one of my Silly Things I Believed As A Child That I Thought Was True But Actually Was Not True. 

Some writing-y updates: I wrote an essay on aftergrads and choosing to do afterparties your way on Rookie, which you can read here. I’ve also been doing a slice of the Rookie Daily Links this month, and you can check out today’s delicioso selection over here. If you wanna check out the other installments—mine and the other contributors’—click on over here.

I’m currently chilling on the bus to a spring course, and my mind is scattered. This post is also scattered. I’m enrolled in a creative nonfiction course right now in the hopes that it will help me develop as a writer and decipher all the different nonfiction styles out there. And it’s great! It’s wild. (Reference to The Toast, who—cue the sad violins—is shuttering its doors on the first of July. Which is, incidentally, Canada Day.) But as great and helpful as it is, it’s also a ton of work (which is why I’ve been more lax than usual with scribbling away on Ye Olde Online Pages a.k.a. WordPress lately). Anyway. Again. That is all. Hooray!


My future reaction to Beyoncé’s album…when it is finally released…!!! (Photo courtesy of my friend M-dawg.)

Business first! A fun how-to piece I wrote on sneaking out of the house was published on Rookie last week. You can read it here

Really been getting stressed out recently because FINALS ARE SO CLOSE??? My first is on April 14, which is incidentally the born day of one of my friends. He has a final that day too, which makes for a fun birthday “present” for him. Happy nineteenth!!! Here’s your pain and suffering, a.k.a. Finals X Finals.

I have an essay on Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl due for my English pop culture class next week, and I’m feeling some mayyyjor anxiety from that. Agggggh. 

And I recently discovered I’m allergic to all types of nuts. 

That’s all for now. I’ll be back after I’m done my slew of final exams in a couple weeks. Okay, bye! I heart you. 

ADDENDUM: I accidentally poured some of my Booster Juice Strawberry Sunshine smoothie on my head. How can anyone ball so hard, I ask you? 

yes, i wore this exact same outfit two days ago

Peep that snarky af headshot of yours truly.

Life update time.

First, the writing dealios: I was published in my campus newspaper, The Gateway, in the latest edition. I mean, it’s pictured above in print, but if you so desire you can also read the thing in full online without having to squint on the paper’s website over here. It’s about sweatpants, I didn’t pick the title (the editors choose those), and incidentally today I did not wear sweatpants. 

I elected instead for what’s obviously the pinnacle of structure: leggings. LOL. This printing makes me an official OPINION WRITER, so I can now say that I Got Opinions. A joke that only I understand thinly alluding to Charlieissocoollike‘s “I got opinions” t-shirt. 

Also: I wrote a bit about Rihanna’s new “Work” music video for the last Screen Time column installment over at Rookie, which you can read here. Watch the (v steamy) vid below:

In other news, I’m still waiting on my stats midterm mark return. Which I’m not patio lady looking forward to. No matter how many times I go through the whole do-a-test-and-wait routine, I can never seem to completely digest the feeling of waiting for the proverbial axe to fall while I’m uncomfortably shifting from foot to foot in place for the marks to be revealed. Dramatically. 

Short post, but there’ll be more soon. Stay lurrrvely!


In recent news, the mega-cute game Neko Atsume has engulfed my life.

I’m feeling really good today. I got a good night’s sleep (an extra 15 minutes in the morning works wonders for your mental state for the day) and a decent breakfast/morning food starter, and I finished a lab report and did the work I needed to for the day. And it’s only 11:37 AM where I am! It’s unusual for me to be so on top of my personal to-do list—I’m the despicable kind of person who’s always running behind or 10 minutes late to everything—so…I’m feeling good. And I want you to feel good, too, so here are some things to fill ur mind ‘n’ soul with, if you are so inclined.

After about a month of watching this video virtually non-stop, I’ve finally got a good handle on the choreo (I was too cheap to shell out $4.99 USD for the official tutorial, but maybe I’ll go for it someday). Every dancer in this vid is straight fire, and it’s inspiring. Backstory time: I’ve danced for the vast majority of my life, and all I have to say is if you’re as entranced as I was the first time I came across a clip of this A-MAZ-ING Tricia Miranda choreography to Missy Elliot’s “WTF,” then damnit, drop what you’re doing and GO LEARN IT! (I did it by just watching it over and over and copying the movements one by one.)

And if you think you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” dance: Dance is fun, and I wish more people would stop thinking they “can’t” dance or that other people will laugh at them if they try to learn. (If people laugh, they are gross losers and you don’t want their approval anyway.) Dance, any kind of movement to music, sweating it out to choreo you’ve worked hard to perfect, adding your own spin to something you’ve been taught, is so therapeutic. So if you wanna punch it like these sicc dancers, I’m telling you that you absolutely can. GO 4 IT!!!

Things to read:

I’m reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Between the World and Me for English class (we’re studying Andy Weir’s The Martian right now, but *nasally nerd voice* WHY NOT GET A HEAD START, RIGHT?), and I’ve gotta say I agree with Toni Morrison’s sentiment that it’s required reading. Extremely/especially relevant and necessary right now—and as a POC myself some parts of it were particularly relatable to me, even though I can never truly or fully understand the entirety of the Black American experience and all its nuances. In short: Everyone should devour it from cover to cover.

Emma Watson (one of my primary girl crushes) recently launched a feminist book club, Our Shared Shelf, over at Goodreads. I think it’s A++, but there are a whole bunch of different opinions and facets on it. If you wanna read more on it, there’s a pretty good post at Slate that goes over a lot of the different concerns people have raised about what it means to have a “feminist” book club and Emma’s general absence from the club itself.

Things to listen to:

I’ve got this psychedelic Majid Jordan track on loop lately. (Fun fact about me nobody asked for: I listen to all my songs on repeat, sometimes for hours on end.) I really love the beat, and I find it easy to work/write to when I’m not dancing in my chair. Woohoo!

Equally easy on the ears and flowy to indulge in, this track by JABS and Willow (Smith) is great for long bus rides…subway rides…all kinds of transit. I like to close my eyes and envelop myself in the sound.

Things to watch:

This video by Ryan Higa makes me laugh. (Almost everything created by Ryan Higa makes me laugh, but this was a real recent gem.) It’s also where I got the title of this post from, because a particular tidbit at around 4:30 made me chuckle fervently.

This ad by Axe is one of the few YouTube ads I’ve ever watched in full, and it’s so happy-ing and easy and self-assured and FIND YOUR MAGIC. Even if you don’t end up enjoying the ad (because it’s still an ad, and because of that it’s still saturated in commercial intent and etc etc etc) I still think you should take its main message—to realize and notice and appreciate what you’ve got going on instead of pining after what you don’t—to heart. ♥

ADDENDUM: The piece I wrote about the ins and outs of bras and chest-holder-uppers is now up on Rookie! Read it here.