I love this little guy. Incidentally, I also have a severe nut allergy. The more you know!

The title comes from the wacky array of prints I’m wearing today: plaid, Magritte heads, the usual. And by the way, I’m, for once, not really tired. I ate a bunch of soup this morning—chicken noodle, not lentil for once—and drove to school. It was a more relaxed morning than usual, and I think that translated to my mood. Or maybe that’s just an illusion of my miiiiiind…

I feel like I should be going to bed sooner, though. I’m okay with waking up at 7:45 AM, but I should be itching to get out of bed by that time to be really productive, probably. The tricky thing is I can’t oversleep, because if I do that too many times I build up a kind of sleep surplus and 1) can’t sleep through a full night anymore like I usually do, and 2) am positively bouncing off the walls with excess energy. It’s best for everyone that I just stick to my standard seven or so hours.

(I’m typing this in a lecture even though all my midterms are coming up and I really shouldn’t be writing a blog post but I feel like I need something to do with my mind for a little while—even just five minutes.)

In other news, I was at kickboxing yesterday with E and he accidentally caused me to punch myself in the face. Whoops. I’m fine, though it hurt at the time.

It’s been a bizarre few weeks. I’ll be back when my Reading Week kicks around. In the meantime, wish me luck on my crusade against the barrage of midterm exams heading my wayin the next couple weeks.