what’s this‽‽‽ or, impromptu adventures of the soup variety

What’s this??? An Amy’s soup that isn’t lentil? Or lentil vegetable? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?????

Forgive me for the gratuitous question marks. It’s just so SURPRISING and NOT AT ALL EXPECTED!

Kidding. I bought a can of Amy’s No-Chicken Noodle Soup at Sobeys the other day and thought I should add some *variety* and *spice* into my life. It was nice for an hour, but my allegiance lies firmly with the low-sodium variety of Amy’s lentil soup you can buy in an eight-can box at Costco’s for half the single-can price. 

Next up is a can of Amy’s split-pea soup. I’ll let you know how that one goes when I try it out. I’m still reeling from the incomprehensible experience of having a single new type of soup for the first time in five years. 

P.S.: The Beyoncé concert was BEYOND. Through the cold Edmonton rain there stood a beacon of light: 


the imminent bey, among other things

Cats and hot dogs. I actually don’t like hot dogs, but I do like this photo because of what I call the WUT factor.

The Beyoncé Formation Tour is coming to my city on Frrrrriday!!! So there is that.

Also, Victoria Day is on Monday. When I was a little kid, I used to think (like a lot of others of the Victoria-dubbed crowd I’ve met) that V-Day was for me, rather than Queen Victoria. But anyway. That’s one of my Silly Things I Believed As A Child That I Thought Was True But Actually Was Not True. 

Some writing-y updates: I wrote an essay on aftergrads and choosing to do afterparties your way on Rookie, which you can read here. I’ve also been doing a slice of the Rookie Daily Links this month, and you can check out today’s delicioso selection over here. If you wanna check out the other installments—mine and the other contributors’—click on over here.

I’m currently chilling on the bus to a spring course, and my mind is scattered. This post is also scattered. I’m enrolled in a creative nonfiction course right now in the hopes that it will help me develop as a writer and decipher all the different nonfiction styles out there. And it’s great! It’s wild. (Reference to The Toast, who—cue the sad violins—is shuttering its doors on the first of July. Which is, incidentally, Canada Day.) But as great and helpful as it is, it’s also a ton of work (which is why I’ve been more lax than usual with scribbling away on Ye Olde Online Pages a.k.a. WordPress lately). Anyway. Again. That is all. Hooray!


I’M FREE! Temporarily. For about two weeks, or until my spring classes start up. But until then—FREEDOM!!!

Recent events: This piece I wrote on fandoms, follow-backs, and my everlasting love of the manga One Piece was recently published on Rookie—I’m really proud of how I was able to express how I see love and obsession in the context of fan culture in this one, and you should reeeeeeead it! The feedback from the editor I worked with for this piece was especially integral to how it turned out—she was able to help me through rough patches and out of holes I’d dug myself into while delving into what really helped me connect so much to the fan identity. Long story short, all the editors at Rookie are ahhh-mazing. Totally above and beyond. 

This was a little while ago, but: I saw Alessia Cara in concert for the last stop of her Know-It-All Tour in Edmonton, and it was wonderful. Check out a snippet in the above video—the non-zoomed-in video. I was thatclose to her, and believe me, I was freaking out the whole time. Definitely a very special concert and a fantastic time all around. (Ignore my shaky camera work in the vid, BTW. Alessia’s voice was incredible and I don’t even know if that short clip does her justice but I TRIED MY BEST.)

!!! (Ignore my weirdly shiny af glazed donut mug.)

In other (right now) (non-)news:

I’m still eating Amy’s low-sodium lentil soup, like, five times a week. Ain’t sponsored or anything (do people ever get sponsored by Amy’s?)—it’s just a bomb-as-hell soup and your life would be much more fibrous if you partook of it.

I’m waiting on Beyoncé’s Lemonade HBO special with bated breath. 


Also, this video (and the remix the choreography is set to) is giving me life:

So is this one, which I’ve been watching for a gazillion weeks but have only just realized I’ve never shared here:

…and I really want a Popsicle. 

Summer is but a dream. ☀️


My future reaction to Beyoncé’s album…when it is finally released…!!! (Photo courtesy of my friend M-dawg.)

Business first! A fun how-to piece I wrote on sneaking out of the house was published on Rookie last week. You can read it here

Really been getting stressed out recently because FINALS ARE SO CLOSE??? My first is on April 14, which is incidentally the born day of one of my friends. He has a final that day too, which makes for a fun birthday “present” for him. Happy nineteenth!!! Here’s your pain and suffering, a.k.a. Finals X Finals.

I have an essay on Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl due for my English pop culture class next week, and I’m feeling some mayyyjor anxiety from that. Agggggh. 

And I recently discovered I’m allergic to all types of nuts. 

That’s all for now. I’ll be back after I’m done my slew of final exams in a couple weeks. Okay, bye! I heart you. 

ADDENDUM: I accidentally poured some of my Booster Juice Strawberry Sunshine smoothie on my head. How can anyone ball so hard, I ask you?