the accounting student 

A Snapchat pic I sent to my friends yesterday, a.k.a. accountinghomeworkhell.jpg
I’m currently on the bus, which smells disgusting. It is completely dark outside. I have my face buried in my coat with my beanie pulled down low over my head. I am irritated at this long AF commute. 

Updates: I am swamped with schoolwork still, so nothing new there. I wrote this guide on getting a tattoo over at Rookie. You should read it (I say that every time, and I mean it every time). I got a full eight hours of sleep last night. I also cut my fingernails last night (I keep them short, almost too short, always), and I feel unproductive even when I’m doing homework. Is that weird?

My stop’s coming up. Pce ’till skyfall, homeskillets. 


i (am) niiineteeeeeen callllll meeeee

I saw Tegan and Sara last night! I got there, like, three hours early to be at the very front of the line and stood the whole time to be right up against the front rails, just like the last time I saw them a few years ago—they’re just as amazing live now as they were then. LOOKHOWCLOSEIWASTOTHEMOHMYGOD. 

School is school. Nothing new on that front. In terms of writing, I recently had an essay published over at Rookie, which you can read here!

In the midst of the clown epidemic, by the way: stay alert, yo. (I’m half kidding.) 

Protip: Wear this jacket if you want to be Goldmember for Halloween. 

That’s the end of this very rushed blog post. The next one will be better. Probably. Toodles!

death to the capital

There may be 13 zodiac signs now but eh, who cares, I’m still officially a Leo.

School + work + club stuff have been kicking my butt lately, so fewer updates. Less rambling. Makes me sad, because I love these little blog posts. Random snippets of things that are on my mind right now:

Even with the addition of a new zodiac sign, I’m still a Leo. I take bizarre pride in that fact, probably because I don’t like change. 

This perfect song was just released today:

Ah, yes. True perfection. And the expression of the silent frustration and anger of humanity. Hit repeat.

Both my tattoos have healed up nicely…

Featuring a happily kneading Pancake.

The scab is from skinning my elbow rock climbing on a Super Wall at a ranch this past weekend, where I went on a bus-school trip with other bcom students to participate in a bunch of team activities, eat really good camp food, and get woken up at 5:45 AM, among other things. Though I’m really not a morning person, the trip got me to talk to new people I probably wouldn’t have encountered for a long time and connect to my faculty in new ways. I’m a pretty quiet person, but on that trip I did a bunch of speaking and teamwork and tons and tons of active socializing—and I’m glad I did. Do things that make you uncomfortable: it’s good for you in the end. 

Writerly news: I went to Sonic Boom, an alt music festival in my city, this year, and wrote about/live blogged my experience for The Gateway. And a while ago I wrote a short feature for Bitch Magazine’s “Kids These Days” print issue, which is (at long last!) available on newsstands everywhere n!o!w! Check it and all the other cool activists highlighted in those luscious pages out. 

Welp, back to Excel labs and accounting homework. Adieu for now, folks. Microsoft Office awaits. 

a shortish update

Dixie cup head.

Long time since I’ve updated here!!! Not because I’ve got nothing to say, but because I’ve been really busy (and I don’t think I’ve ever had that experience before). At the cajoling of my friend MS, though, I figured I should slip in and give a shout about what’s been up with me the last little while. So over the last month, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Running around in New York City during my first trip ever there! It was glorious. I got some tattoos—my firsts!
  • Celebrating my birthday! In New York City. I went to Rubirosa with a friend and ate vodka pizza, which was delicious. Highly recommend.
  • Going on a mini road trip with my friends to Sylvan Lake 🚣🏻
  • Starting a new uni year! Ahhhhh!!!
  • Crowd surfing for the first time at a local music festival!
  • Saying goodbye to a friend who recently left for Ireland, where she’ll be studying for the rest of her university education. 🍀

In writerly news, I also published some new stuff over at Rookie: read up here and here and here and here! (Edit: A new piece examining the multiverse theory just went up today. You can read it at this link.)

That’s all for now. Be back soon 🕊

P.S. A little pic of my tattoos, for anyone who might be curious. They’re a little shiny in these photos because of the A&D ointment.

And a snapshot of me in the Museum of Natural History.

i didn’t really mind having braces

The dream.

I’ve been attending my local Animethon this weekend (I’m actually on my way there now on a crowded bus), and other than that I’ve been busy in the way that summer tends to make you feel busy: maybe the lack of consistent structure, a solid daily schedule, means that all the little things suddenly seem by comparison much bigger deals. 

Song of the weekend: J.Cole’s “Crooked Smile” featuring TLC:

It’s such a nice song.

And an extra note to you, explorer of the Internet: Watch the Rookie site next week, by the way. Something cool with going up there soon that I may or may not be affiliated with. 😉

Okay, back to the convention.

da da da da DAAA

Pokémon GO hath consumed mine life.
Read the title to the tune of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine theme. 

ANYWAY! A short update on où je suis maintenant: Four things I wrote for Rookie went live recently. There’s the one where I talk about culture, race, and language, the one where I interview the lovely Esmé Patterson, the one where I talk about losing/letting go of a friend, and the one where I chat with Cecilia Della Peruti of Gothic Tropic. If you’re looking for some cool bites of words for summer reading, I advise you to devour them all!

In non-writing news that no one asked for, I’ve been busily watching nature documentaries narrated by my personal faves Stephen Fry and David Attenborough. My current series are Life Story and Life, which while similarly named are actually two different shows. I tend to hit the wrong Life series when I hurry to pick an episode, because I am a simple bean who doesn’t take the time to properly read titles on Netflix. FORGIVE ME. 

I made dhal the other day for the first time using this recipe, and it turned out deliciously. I ended up using half a shaker of cumin and entirely too much turmeric, and I danced around like a weirdo throwing in random spices like black pepper and salt and basil even though they weren’t specifically called for, but WHO CARES it tasted great. I love all lentil dishes, and dhal is no exception—I love eating it when I go out to restaurants, and I’m glad my first crack at it on my own turned out well. 

I’m almost at level thirteen on Pokémon GO—I started playing five(?) days ago (I think). Sounds unimpressive, but LEMME TELL YOU I haven’t used any of my own lures, spent any real-world money, used a Lucky Egg, or used an Incense. That’s right, fam, I caught Pokémon out in the wild and hatched eggs for that ish. And yet: Am I proud of my accomplishments? HELL NO I wasted hours of my life so far on this game. But do I care? Will I stop? 

Eh. Naw.

My brother got an Abra without me, and I am bitter. ABRA WHYYYYYYYY

I’ll stop now. Tomorrow is another Pokémon GO day!

the road 2 rio + a short interlude

An actual photo from the actual tryouts. This was post-5000 metre men’s final race.

I’m currently sitting at a press conference-type deal where Official People (I’m not sure exactly who right now) will be unveiling and announcing the names of the athletes who qualified to compete in the Rio Olympics. They held the track-and-field tryouts here over the weekend, and this is the ceremonial listing of names. In the words of an announcer I heard yesterday at the tryouts, it makes it “Official official.” 

But like lemme just say something right here. Like:

  1. Why are 98% of the sports journalists white 
  2. Why are 95% of that 98% white men
  3. Why are 90% of that 95% of that 98% old white men, like, with deep visible wrinkles and white hair and DUDE trust me they’re old old

I’m a young, Asian female writer here. And I wouldn’t exactly call myself a sports writer, but…the demographic here is verrrrry interesting. 

Okay that’s all. Presentation starting now.