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What do we have here, folks? My name is Victoria, like the variety of English plum. I’m the generator of this blog. Most of the writing here is unplanned and unedited, which could be interpreted as possessing a distinct lack of polish. But, to me, there’s a kind of purity in first draft writing. It reflects exactly how I’m thinking about something at the exact moment I’m typing. That can be good or bad, but if nothing else, it’s accurate.

I write here for myself in order to help initiate the process of putting words down somewhere. Because I write only for myself in this space, things are often very erratic, and I don’t try at all to be eloquent or concise or to have my thoughts laid out in a way they can be easily understood. I pepper images and Soundcloud bites and YouTube videos throughout my posts as I see fit, and it works out in my mind. Also, on an unrelated note, noodles, especially in fragrant broth, are fantastic. See what I meant when I said this was an erratic place?

If you’d like to talk to me about anything and everything, you can always send me a message directly using the contact form below. I love reading emails, and I always respond unless the message somehow gets lost on its way to my inbox. You can also see what sorts of images are up my current alley by stalking my Tumblr.


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