Hello there!

I haven’t posted on here in essentially 1092738462 years, but here’s what I’ve been up to behind the scenes:

  • I completed my first (and very delightful) co-op term.
  • I finished my term as Arts & Culture Editor at The Gateway and became its Online Editor.
  • I published a feature article on BioWare with The Gateway that I’m super proud of.
  • I travelled to New York City and collected more tattoos.
  • I finally started weight training, which I had been thinking about for months but was too afraid to try before taking a Women’s Weightlifting class and actually learning what to do.
  • My PR for squats is now 160 lbs., but that was a struggle and also super uncomfortable. On the daily I’m usually in the 135-140 range.
  • My PR for leg press is now 320 lbs., which was also kind of uncomfortable and also a mistaken setting on the machine. But my legs are strong regardless, so I’m b a s i c a l l y Chun-Li.
  • My family acquired a Vitamix single-serving cup screw-on attachment thing that lets you make one cup of smoothie at a time, so now I drink smoothies every morning without having to stick the rest of the gigantic normal blender in the fridge. Game changer.

And…well…that’s it! Work was super busy and I really focused on that for the last little while. Now I’m still working, but in a different role and with a different set of staff (most of The Gateway’s staff turns over every year). The writing work I do is mostly over there for the time being. Check us out!


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Writes words mostly on the go. Lentils are life.

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