da da da da DAAA

Pokémon GO hath consumed mine life.
Read the title to the tune of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine theme. 

ANYWAY! A short update on où je suis maintenant: Four things I wrote for Rookie went live recently. There’s the one where I talk about culture, race, and language, the one where I interview the lovely Esmé Patterson, the one where I talk about losing/letting go of a friend, and the one where I chat with Cecilia Della Peruti of Gothic Tropic. If you’re looking for some cool bites of words for summer reading, I advise you to devour them all!

In non-writing news that no one asked for, I’ve been busily watching nature documentaries narrated by my personal faves Stephen Fry and David Attenborough. My current series are Life Story and Life, which while similarly named are actually two different shows. I tend to hit the wrong Life series when I hurry to pick an episode, because I am a simple bean who doesn’t take the time to properly read titles on Netflix. FORGIVE ME. 

I made dhal the other day for the first time using this recipe, and it turned out deliciously. I ended up using half a shaker of cumin and entirely too much turmeric, and I danced around like a weirdo throwing in random spices like black pepper and salt and basil even though they weren’t specifically called for, but WHO CARES it tasted great. I love all lentil dishes, and dhal is no exception—I love eating it when I go out to restaurants, and I’m glad my first crack at it on my own turned out well. 

I’m almost at level thirteen on Pokémon GO—I started playing five(?) days ago (I think). Sounds unimpressive, but LEMME TELL YOU I haven’t used any of my own lures, spent any real-world money, used a Lucky Egg, or used an Incense. That’s right, fam, I caught Pokémon out in the wild and hatched eggs for that ish. And yet: Am I proud of my accomplishments? HELL NO I wasted hours of my life so far on this game. But do I care? Will I stop? 

Eh. Naw.

My brother got an Abra without me, and I am bitter. ABRA WHYYYYYYYY

I’ll stop now. Tomorrow is another Pokémon GO day!


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Writes words mostly on the go. Lentils are life.

4 thoughts on “da da da da DAAA”

  1. I loved reading Heirloom, I thought it was beautiful and your writing is amazing.
    I got to level four without even leaving my house! Hehe had to use incense though. Have you heard about those people selling their accounts for like 7000 pounds???!


    1. Thank you so much!! And wow, that’s lucky. My neighbourhood is pretty much a drought when it comes to Pokémon—I’ve gotta walk for 2-3 kilometres before I find much most days. I have yet to crack an incense, but maybe soon~

      Dang, £7000??? That’s insane! They’d better have damn near every slot of their Pokédex filled or something to justify a price that crazy. Either that, or Mewtwo. 😉


  2. I really, really liked your Rookie piece about friendship. It struck a chord with me. Congrats on your Pokemon Go level says someone who still hasn’t got the app due to a shitty phone with zero storage space 🙂


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