the road 2 rio + a short interlude

An actual photo from the actual tryouts. This was post-5000 metre men’s final race.

I’m currently sitting at a press conference-type deal where Official People (I’m not sure exactly who right now) will be unveiling and announcing the names of the athletes who qualified to compete in the Rio Olympics. They held the track-and-field tryouts here over the weekend, and this is the ceremonial listing of names. In the words of an announcer I heard yesterday at the tryouts, it makes it “Official official.” 

But like lemme just say something right here. Like:

  1. Why are 98% of the sports journalists white 
  2. Why are 95% of that 98% white men
  3. Why are 90% of that 95% of that 98% old white men, like, with deep visible wrinkles and white hair and DUDE trust me they’re old old

I’m a young, Asian female writer here. And I wouldn’t exactly call myself a sports writer, but…the demographic here is verrrrry interesting. 

Okay that’s all. Presentation starting now. 


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