my feet are bleeding in my shoes

Buns on campus.

I’m nearing the final week of my spring course. It’s death. The anxiety makes me want to tear at my face. It’s unpleasant. The class is good for me. But it’s also scrambling my mind and pummeling my brain. 

I want a hug. 

1Million Dance Studio’s YouTube page went down, then went back up, and for that I am elated. Seriously. The thing that bugged me about their temporary takedown was the inequality: Their work is gold, and their channel cannot be the only one to suffer from the abuse of copyright on YouTube while others that post equally great content remain up. That just doesn’t make any sense. (Ideally, I’d like to see ALL dance channels up and churning out fantazzzmical choreo forevs.) 

I’m still eating lentil soup. 

Read this guide I wrote on camp-y things you can do for summer! Indulge in the things I cannot do while still chained to my spring course. 

Okay that is all for now and remember kids while you cryin over the finito of high school I’m dyin in this course. AWAYYYYYYYYYY!


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Writes words mostly on the go. Lentils are life.

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