the imminent bey, among other things

Cats and hot dogs. I actually don’t like hot dogs, but I do like this photo because of what I call the WUT factor.

The Beyoncé Formation Tour is coming to my city on Frrrrriday!!! So there is that.

Also, Victoria Day is on Monday. When I was a little kid, I used to think (like a lot of others of the Victoria-dubbed crowd I’ve met) that V-Day was for me, rather than Queen Victoria. But anyway. That’s one of my Silly Things I Believed As A Child That I Thought Was True But Actually Was Not True. 

Some writing-y updates: I wrote an essay on aftergrads and choosing to do afterparties your way on Rookie, which you can read here. I’ve also been doing a slice of the Rookie Daily Links this month, and you can check out today’s delicioso selection over here. If you wanna check out the other installments—mine and the other contributors’—click on over here.

I’m currently chilling on the bus to a spring course, and my mind is scattered. This post is also scattered. I’m enrolled in a creative nonfiction course right now in the hopes that it will help me develop as a writer and decipher all the different nonfiction styles out there. And it’s great! It’s wild. (Reference to The Toast, who—cue the sad violins—is shuttering its doors on the first of July. Which is, incidentally, Canada Day.) But as great and helpful as it is, it’s also a ton of work (which is why I’ve been more lax than usual with scribbling away on Ye Olde Online Pages a.k.a. WordPress lately). Anyway. Again. That is all. Hooray!


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