I’M FREE! Temporarily. For about two weeks, or until my spring classes start up. But until then—FREEDOM!!!

Recent events: This piece I wrote on fandoms, follow-backs, and my everlasting love of the manga One Piece was recently published on Rookie—I’m really proud of how I was able to express how I see love and obsession in the context of fan culture in this one, and you should reeeeeeead it! The feedback from the editor I worked with for this piece was especially integral to how it turned out—she was able to help me through rough patches and out of holes I’d dug myself into while delving into what really helped me connect so much to the fan identity. Long story short, all the editors at Rookie are ahhh-mazing. Totally above and beyond. 

This was a little while ago, but: I saw Alessia Cara in concert for the last stop of her Know-It-All Tour in Edmonton, and it was wonderful. Check out a snippet in the above video—the non-zoomed-in video. I was thatclose to her, and believe me, I was freaking out the whole time. Definitely a very special concert and a fantastic time all around. (Ignore my shaky camera work in the vid, BTW. Alessia’s voice was incredible and I don’t even know if that short clip does her justice but I TRIED MY BEST.)

!!! (Ignore my weirdly shiny af glazed donut mug.)

In other (right now) (non-)news:

I’m still eating Amy’s low-sodium lentil soup, like, five times a week. Ain’t sponsored or anything (do people ever get sponsored by Amy’s?)—it’s just a bomb-as-hell soup and your life would be much more fibrous if you partook of it.

I’m waiting on Beyoncé’s Lemonade HBO special with bated breath. 


Also, this video (and the remix the choreography is set to) is giving me life:

So is this one, which I’ve been watching for a gazillion weeks but have only just realized I’ve never shared here:

…and I really want a Popsicle. 

Summer is but a dream. ☀️


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Writes words mostly on the go. Lentils are life.

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