yes, i wore this exact same outfit two days ago

Peep that snarky af headshot of yours truly.

Life update time.

First, the writing dealios: I was published in my campus newspaper, The Gateway, in the latest edition. I mean, it’s pictured above in print, but if you so desire you can also read the thing in full online without having to squint on the paper’s website over here. It’s about sweatpants, I didn’t pick the title (the editors choose those), and incidentally today I did not wear sweatpants. 

I elected instead for what’s obviously the pinnacle of structure: leggings. LOL. This printing makes me an official OPINION WRITER, so I can now say that I Got Opinions. A joke that only I understand thinly alluding to Charlieissocoollike‘s “I got opinions” t-shirt. 

Also: I wrote a bit about Rihanna’s new “Work” music video for the last Screen Time column installment over at Rookie, which you can read here. Watch the (v steamy) vid below:

In other news, I’m still waiting on my stats midterm mark return. Which I’m not patio lady looking forward to. No matter how many times I go through the whole do-a-test-and-wait routine, I can never seem to completely digest the feeling of waiting for the proverbial axe to fall while I’m uncomfortably shifting from foot to foot in place for the marks to be revealed. Dramatically. 

Short post, but there’ll be more soon. Stay lurrrvely!


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