food, glorious food: a saga in parts

Tonight’s dinner ft. my calculus homework.

So let’s talk about food.

I. I like consistency. I subsist almost entirely off of five key things:

  1. Amy’s low-sodium canned lentil soup and vegetable lentil soup, which I waxed on about my love for here. I eat the low-sodium version not because I wanna be healthy, but because that’s what’s sold in the eight-can box at Costco.
  2. Pho. One of the best thing about it (besides, like, everything) is that it’s über-customizable thanks to all the sickkk sauces and add-ons you can mix into it. My personal opinion is that it’s the best with mint leaves, tripe, meatballs, flank, shank, and onions. Mmmmm.
  3. SnacKit Tuna Packs. Six rice crackers and a tin of tuna, a.k.a. my lazy prepackaged snack.
  4. FROOT. The food, not the Marina & the Diamonds album.
  5. Brown rice, but only eaten in conjunction with number 1 on this list.

II. For the first three years of my life (or as soon as I could reasonably eat solid foods), I ate the same dish for every meal, every single day: congee with vegetables and chicken. Never got bored of it, and I still love it today. My paternal grandmother made it for me, and I think I have a kind of ingrained connection to it. I dunno.

III. I’m told by my mother on occasion that I am not as thin as I could be. And although saying something along those lines is usually something of a faux pas, it’s pretty common in Asian families—the ones I’ve been immersed in, at least. It makes me feel almost nice, cuz I know that it’s one of the ways my mom shows she cares about me. I don’t react with offense to it, and I think to some of my friends my natural response is inherently strange.

IV. I’m ridiculously allergic to peanuts, and yet I don’t carry an epipen. Clearly I live life on the edge (I’m kidding about that last part GET THEE TO A DOCTOR IF YOU HAVE A SERIOUS ALLERGY.)

V. Food and fashion seem tied together. From the first hunters, animal pelts were used as insulating fabric while the flesh of the animal was consumed for sustenance. Now the two are still connected, but it seems less pure than it used to be.

What do I mean? People now tend to use pelts for fashion without having that grounding connection to its origins, unnecessarily using one side of the food/fashion equation without depending on the other. (There are exceptions, but I’m being very, very general right now.) It’s just peculiar to think about how the dynamic has changed.

Also—food, diets, fashion—there’s a very unhealthy connotation that comes with the fashion industry with regards to food, but I don’t think I need to elaborate on that. There are a lot of good thinkpieces about it already.

VI. I hate cake, but I love DQ ice cream cake. I pick out all the vanilla ice cream and leave the rest on the plate in a melty mess. Judge me however you’d like on that one.


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