eat your meat (but not really)


This week is my university’s Fall Reading Week, a period of five business-free business days that is supposed to provide time for students to catch up on reading (doy) and homework and all the really fun stuff, but is in fact proving to be a time of Unexpected Self-Exploration.

Case in point: Things I have done in the first two days of this “Reading Week”:

  1. Eat lunch out with friends and meet new people
  2. Attend a yoga class
  3. Grocery shop totally on my own for the very first time (I’M LATE TO THIS PARTY OKAY)
  4. Try legendary Korean skin care products for the first time at a little Asian makeup store I’ve always meant to visit
  5. Buy a weird but oddly comfy half-hoodie thing 70% off from Simon’s
  6. And tomorrow I’m going to my friend Alicia’s house to watch Top Gun.
  7. Oh and I made meatless meatballs. See below.

Anyway. Yeah.

So I made this meatless meatball recipe I saw on The Coveteur a little while back and first of all: GOOD LAWD this took forever. Three-and-a-half hours from the cooking of the lentils to the sliding of the baking pan into the oven. It was arduous, not gonna lie. And required a lot of stirring. But HOT DAMN it actually turned out better than I expected!

This pot was my baby for half an hour.

I overboiled the lentils when I was bringing the water to a boil, but we’ll ignore that and say I FOR ONCE “did not” overboil something I was cooking.

Pre-oven and post-hella amounts of effort.


That was my crazy day of New Things and Meatless Meaty Things, and now it’s time for me to retreat back into my hole to read The Reluctant Fundamentalist. Ablaze!


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Writes words mostly on the go. Lentils are life.

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