I have had far more contact with this bear and what he represents lately than I could have ever wanted.

The title is both a nod to the literal changes in life and a dude in a book I was supposed to have read for my English course but have since only digested half of. My entire class and the prof pronounced his name with a French accent—”shahnjay”—the entire time we discussed the novel until the very last day. His name is the Urdu pronunciation of Genghis—the exact way it’s spelled, with a hard “ch” sound—so we were laughably off base.

Anyway. University has made me…different. I’m working on assignments every day, and while that used to overwhelm me it seems that I’ve been doing it so regularly that it’s no longer a shock to look at my agenda and see a stuffed to-do list.

It’s harder to see people whose schedules don’t naturally line up with mine. In high school, we could rendezvous during our common lunch hour and after classes let out. Now, even our lunch and end times vary. I guess it’s something I’m still surprised by, in a way. I guess it’s part of growing up.

On a completely unrelated note (I’m Mad Max-ing this post), read this for a strangeness pick-me-up. 👻


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