not a math whiz. shh!

Why can’t all people think this way?

Bizness: There’s another creative response I wrote up on Rookie, here. My writing also won a prize in the Creative Non-Fiction division of Shameless Magazine’s inaugural Talking Back Awards/Writing Contest, so that’ll be out exclusively in print sometime next year. There are some other things coming up, but we’ll post those things when we get to them.

Fun fact, yo: I got a solid 88% on my physics midterm, but I don’t know where that ends up falling on Ye Olde Grade Point Average System. Thanks to the curve, a number can mean LITERALLY ANYTHING. Although my professor said I definitely landed somewhere in the A-range, which is nice.

But y’know what’s not so nice? TWO MIDTERMS IN A DAY. And, even worse, they’re BACK TO BACK. Chemistry and biology. Another fun fact: I feel absolutely terrible about them, I know I did poorly, and I don’t want to say anything further on the matter because frankly it makes me sad.

And since the world isn’t full of Jack Blacks from School of Rock, I have a math midterm today, too. Ugh. I want this week to be over—and soon.

That was kind of depressing, so here’s something happy-ing:

Yes, that’s my cat in an egg carton.



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