fifth harmony

Found this gem on the door of one of the math rooms. I can verify that it is completely accurate.

I’ve appeared on Rookie a total of five times—the fifth was posted today, here. So far I’ve responded to every single creative prompt the magazine has had, and I think it’s helped me to try and work with different ideas. It’s like a creative stimulant, and I like it.

I’m about to take my first university course midterm this morning. Like, the exam’s literally gonna begin in twenty-one minutes, and it’s a (I’ll give you a minute to ponder what subject it is) PHYSICS EXAM. I’d say I wasn’t nervous, but that’d be a lie. A DAMNED LIE, I SAY. The stress—or rather, the anxiety—is real.

The school put in a November reading week to decrease the amount of stress students have been under, which I appreciate. But yesterday someone committed suicide in one of the buildings, and it makes me uneasy and sad to know that the help doesn’t come early enough for everyone. I’ll write more on this subject later. All I’ll say for now is that it’s jarring.

Midterm time: T-minus fifteen minutes. I’m going in to the exam hall now—send me ALL the prayers for good fortune.


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