20,000 leagues into my photo cache

I want you to do me a favour. Look at the photo below:

Keep looking at it. Keeeeeep looking. Now zoom in on the kid in the orange shirt’s face.


Anyway, I have a lot—a lot a lot—of photos saved onto my phone, and I was searching and searching for something I no longer remember and I came across that gem. A true masterpiece, no? It’s the result of an outing to the local indoor amusement park, and it’s the best .jpg I’ve ever been a part of.

I was getting a ride home from university/college/what have you from my dad yesterday and I fell asleep in the car. I see the effects of my caffeine-free diet are beginning to show themselves. BUT I WILL PERSEVERE and SHUN THE CAFFEINE DEMON UNtil exam season enters with the flourish that it always does. Shhhhhhhh. That’s a secret.

Also! I’ve got another réponse créative up on Rookie, which you can read if you click here. IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE FICTIONAL WORLD OF A DANGEROUS GURL (they’re my faves).


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Writes words mostly on the go. Lentils are life.

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