nai nai

Current mood.

My first word was “nai nai,” which is Cantonese for “milk.” It’s interesting to note that while I speak hardly a lick of Canto at present, my very first foray into the world of language was made in my quote-unquote “mother tongue.” It’s peculiar how circumstances shift and change over time. Nobody asked for this unexpected divulgence of ridiculously obscure information, but as the mantra goes:

I’m currently blazing away at a solidly decent 4.0 in my dreaded math class (a.k.a. The place where dreams are an illusion and all your worst fears and horrors come to life before your very eyes), but while that might sound good, IT IS MISLEADING. I’ve only done…three? four? worksheets so far and by the mercy of all that is good and holy and not all at once I’ve managed to stay afloat so far. Key phrase: So far. Needless to say I feel hella deeply and kinda like that bunny-pancake complex up there. 

Recent housekeeping details: Issue #7 of Plasma Dolphin, an online zine I highly adore, was uploaded to the endless valleys and caves of the Internet last Saturday. The theme for this issue was The Moment Before, and the content conjured up by writers and artists and online creatives in response to it is highly relatable to say the least. I contributed some werdz to it, and you can cast your gaze upon them at this here link

Also! Today the new creative response I wrote for last week’s RookieMag prompt went up. You can read all about e • mo • tion and everything in between here.

SO MUCH COOL STUFF TO READ! Stay golden, kids.  


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