out of touch

Me, when contemplating my status as a certified virtual ghost.

A disproportionate number of my friends are totally absent from social media. 

Here’s a fun fact: I have, I think, only recently broached the double-digit follower barrier on Twitter, and only a few weeks before that I edged past fifty Instagram followers. Why? 

My theory is that everyone gets their friends to like/follow/friend them on social media, hence hundreds of followers almost automatically after booting up a new account. But what if your friends aren’t even on social media? And you follow a whole bunch of cool people who don’t know who you are? And you don’t really advertise your username(s) to anyone, anywhere? The result: I’m a virtual ghost, kids. 

I only recently converted one of my most staunchly anti-social media friends into a sporadic Facebook user, and I’ve convinced another to join Instagram. My ultimate plan is coming together. *cackles deviously*  

In other news, a LIFE UPDATE nobody asked for: I had my first chemistry lab today and I was super scared I’d end up without a good lab partner, but the person I’m working with is beyond sweet. So now I don’t have to live life dreading every chemistry lab. I’ve made a friend! *dances as “Celebrate Good Times (Come On) plays distantly in the background, fading perfectly into James Taylor’s “You’ve Got a Friend*

And, and, and (in Real Actual News), I’ve recently churned up a new creative response to a lovely prompt, and the result of my shameless tomfoolery is now up on Rookie. You can view it here


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