“real adults” do “math” (insert chortling here)

How I feel towards math.

A response to a creative prompt that I submitted to Rookie was published today. You can see the fruits of my labour here.

Math remains torturous (but is it really?) and difficult (but is this the truth or just a tiny twiddle of the whole story that we call reality that has been exacerbated by the expanse of my mind that has been prejudiced towards Tha Numberz since the beginning??). Other things make sense. Biology, one of my very favourite subjects and one I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed, remains in my excellent (read: beyond good) graces.

In other news, an elderly man stopped me today and thanked me for putting my garbage in the landfill dispensary bin and my cardboard box into the recycling container after seeing me separate out all my trash into the different compartments. I felt empowered. Thank you, Good Sir.

I have also found that the Domino’s location on campus offers a 50% off discount to students on orders including pizza and breadsticks.

This is the meaning of true enlightenment.

ADDENDUM: Also! My illustration + written work for Zine Club’s third print issue has been published! Here’s a sneak peek:  Look how A++ it izzzzz! Puttin’ that arting knowledge to use.

Haha, okay. Here’s a bigger preview, sans written accompaniment. Since you’re so nice.  


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