oh amy

I have an addiction. It’s malignant, and I can never get away from it. I think I’ve had said addiction since I was about fourteen or fifteen. Four years is a long time. 

What, you ask, is my affliction? Well, bud, I’ll tell ya. It’s this:

Bro. Bro. BRO. If you’ve never had this soup, you are missing out. It is DIVINE. 

So when people say they eat something a lot, they probably mean once a week, or maybe twice a week. Me and Amy over here? I eat this probably close to every single day. IT HATH CONSUMED MINE LIFE AND MINE MEALS. We ran out of Amy’s lentil soup a couple days ago and I’ve been going through what can only be described as withdrawal. Withdrawal…FROM LENTIL SOUP. 

You may not think lentil soup is that magical of a meal—it is, after all, just a bunch of pulses stewed in a broth with some chopped-up veggies. But I dare you to look at this next photo of the ultimate combo—lentil soup and steamed brown rice—and say the same thing:

*salivates profusely*

It’s glorious, glorious, I say, although that might be my bias talking. I’m currently two lentil-less days away from having an impromptu IV hooked up to my arm with the essence of lentil soup shot straight into my bloodstream. Seriously. I love soup, all types of soup, in general, but I need this particular strain in order to operate properly. The closest I can get to accurately describing this condition is by recommending you to watch the follow Jenna Marbles video, skipping to the part at 4:43:

Jenna. You understand me. 

Anyway. Yeah. That’s the biggest thing that’s been on my mind of late besides the whole university debacle. And now…to brave another lentil-free day. Prenez soin de vous, mes chéries!


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Writes words mostly on the go. Lentils are life.

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