‘i love you’ vs. ‘i love youtube’

The title is a reference to a pearl of wisdom doled out by the King of Twit-Humor @itsWillyFerrell (who is, incidentally, not actually Will Ferrell): 

Anyhoo. In the spirit of the Coming of Faith piece I wrote being published a couple days ago, here are some more Asian YouTubers who hold special places deep in the recesses of my heart (n’ soul) but couldn’t be included on the original list because of, well, length. Et voilà:

  • Domics: CANADIAN WHOO! With awesome animations. WHO CAN RESIST THIS:
  • NigaHiga (of c., cuz I even mentioned him in the article).  This 2009 video was the first one I ever watched on his channel (and possibly on all of YouTube???):

Even now, I can’t watch these around other people because I die laughing every time… 

  • Fashionista804: Fashion and lifestyle videos that I like to watch when I’m getting ready for an event or a dinner or something. Or, y’know, after I get out of the shower. 
  • JustKiddingFilms: An A++ Asian CollegeHumor, basically. (BTW, I love CH too. If I stayed on that channel too much, though, I wouldn’t get anything done. It’s the ♪ CIRCLE OF PROCRASTINATION ♪ and it screws us all~ ♪
  • KevJumba: He’s been MIA for over a year now and might not be returning to the vlogosphere, but in the past his skits and short videos brought me a lot of joy and hours of entertainment. Even if he hasn’t put out anything new recently, his channel is still worth checking out for his old content archives. 
  • Ki Hong Lee: Okay, this guy isn’t really a bona fide YouTuber. But he worked with Wong Fu Productions (one of my all-time fave channels) and even though I wasn’t especially taken with the Maze Runner movie I’m still a fan of this actor. ♥

Aaaaaand sWooZie isn’t Asian but I don’t care because this guy is fantastic and I want more people to watch his stuff. 


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