the best prize is a surprise

This is the Lana Del Ray drawing that I mention below. Read on, mes anges!

There was this one guy in high school my graduating class who I thought only worked out…and slept, maybe, but mostly worked out. The general consensus amongst my friends was that he was a workoutaholic (not be confused with the workaholic, or Worko sapiens) whose intestines couldn’t handle anything other than the protein shakes he was always seen carrying around. He was always talking about working out, his friends always talked about him working out (or their own workout routines), and he spent all of his lunch hours doing bench presses in the fitness room after eating. Naturally, then, we concluded that he must really, really enjoy pumping iron, and after a long observation period during which we saw nothing that suggested other interests, we settled into our image of this particular guy. He was a palestrato. That was all. That was his one, single defining characteristic.

Later in the summer, though, I was creeping around on Instagram (as I tend to do) and found his account. The first thing I saw were a ton of beautiful and badass ink and charcoal drawings of different subjects: Lana del Ray, Spider-Man, Cara Delevingne, Harley Quinn, J.Cole. The next thing I noticed was the unusual frequency of meal photos.

Well, it turned out he drew all of those works of art and cooked all of those meals from start to finish. Keep in mind that none of us knew he could draw or cook—he’d never taken an art class, and he always either bought his lunch at the cafeteria or made himself a protein shake. So it pretty much blew all of our minds when we found this out.

People can surprise you. That is all.


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