a tale of two kitties

Forgive me for the punderful title. I couldn’t resist. 

As soon as my family and I got back from the U.S. part of our vacation (Hello, Seattle!), we picked up my cat and the friend she was staying with, Lucy.

The two of them are both Siberian seal point cats, and watching them interact every day is super heartwarming and relaxing. My cat, Pancake, is a pretty solitary creature—she likes to act like she’s the queen of the house, going where she pleases and meowing loudly until she gets what she wants. She isn’t much into the company of animals or people she doesn’t know, and she likes to roam the entire house knowing that it’s solely her domain. She doesn’t even like people to pet her if she doesn’t approach them first, but after having spent a couple of weeks with Lucy, she seems to have opened up a bit. The two of them curl up together on her cat tree and share their food, water, and even their litter boxes. They keep each other entertained and give each other company when we leave the house. And although they wrestle and bother each other sometimes, in the end they always end up back together, totally content.

Lucy (left) and Pancake (in the top box) sleeping on the cat tree. Excuse my shitty photography abilities.
It’s kind of like a feline model of human friendships: Nobody gets along 100% of the time, but in a good relationship there will always be support and love, no matter what kinds of spats or disagreements arise. I might looking too deeply into what is basically a cute friendship between a couple of cats, but watching the two of them play and chase each other really does make a little part of my heart melt every time. Maybe the impact is intensified because they’re both female cats, and I draw some parallels between their sisterhood and the bond between me and my closest friends. Or maybe I find their unlikely friendship so sweet because Pancake, like myself, is a little more on the introverted side and has managed to find someone she gets along with after a period of being largely alone—that’s something I empathize with.

That said, Lucy’s family will be returning from their own vacation soon, and at that point Pancake will be without a constant playmate for a little while. Honestly, though, I think my cat’s all right with that—she’s happy being the queen of the hill, and she likes having all the attention in the room directed at her. Even though she enjoys Lucy’s company and will probably miss her when she’s gone, she’ll be all right. After all, they see each other regularly every week—and I think everyone needs a refresh period after having a three week sleepover!

But yeah. If you didn’t already know, I love cats. They are amazing. (Really, though, I love all animals. Pugs are adorable. Dachshunds are adorable. Pandas are adorable. Birds are awesome as hell. I could go on forever.)


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