raining raining raining raining raining

Lately I’ve been working on my school’s yearbook and listening to Rihanna songs non-stop, on loop. Right now I’m addicted to “Raining Men”. You ever get that feeling that you’ve just gotta listen to That Song and the only way to get over it is to listen to Said Song until you can’t stand it anymore? Yep, well, it’s Raining Men for me right now.

It takes me around 30-45 minutes to fully edit a page in the yearbook, and I have 135 pages. Which is…a lot of time. Sigh. But I’m the head editor and it’s my job to go through the entire book and make it look refined and polished before it’s sent off to the publisher’s, so…my inescapable 6000+ minutes of work have begun. 

I like working on it—it’s relaxing, in a way—but it’s daunting to think that I’ve got to get it all done and make it look nice and that everyone in school will judge my work, eventually. Oh well. I’ll be out of there once most of them see the book for the first time. I’m doing my best, and I think it looks pretty swanky so far. I’ve had one girl in particular be really snotty to me about it, but otherwise I’ve gotten a lot of support from the teachers and other yearbook staff members about my design decisions. (^ν^)

Yeah, this is kind of a boring post. But LIFE ISN’T ALWAYS EXCITING blah blah insert EXAM HORROR here my exams started and finals week begins again blah blah i got the sadz blah OH WAIT I’ve had a bunch of weekly posts go up on the Zine Club site in the midst of my absence from the blogosphere! You can read them here and here and here and here, if you want. I’m very active over there, so even if I neglect to post anything here for a while there will always be at least one post from me on the Zine Club site every week. 

See ya on the flip side, home skilletz!


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