shio and soy

I was in Calgary the last couple days with my family and we went to the best little ramen shop—they made the noodles fresh in-house, and everything was as authentic as it should be. Mmmmmm. It kinda made me feel like I was in Naruto or something. I hardly ever get to sit at ramen bars since the ones in my town are 1) so few and far between and 2) involve a trek through uncharted territory from my house to get to. 

I became a contributor for the Zine Club recently. I’ve always been into zines and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the whole “limited run” thing, or maybe it’s the thought of someone putting in so much personal time and effort and work into something that I can hold in my hands and leaf through while seeing a little bit into their psyche. Maybe it’s both. (It’s probably both.)

I wrote a piece for HelloGiggles on getting through finals; you can read it here. I told my friends about it and the biggest comment I got back was “You need a better profile picture.” I’m very decidedly un-photogenic, so no surprise there, but oh well it was the best picture I had of myself on my phone that was clear and not saved from Snapchat. (Although in retrospect, I think my profile pic for Zine Club is better. ☻ )

My own actual finals week looms forebodingly and I’m reminded of it every time I look at my calendar. Consequently I’ve started to look at my calendar less, which hasn’t really done much for my time management. Every time I go into the gym to write a final I feel like I’m doing a prisoner’s march up to the guillotine. Goodbye, cruel world! This is the end! I get a lot of test anxiety—it used to be way worse, but it still hasn’t gone away completely—and I hate finals week because of it. 

On top of that, high school grad is approaching—it’s on Friday and Saturday—and the tension and stress of it is seriously affecting my graduating class. I just want it all to eeeeeeeeend! I want the school year to be over, and the freedom of summer can’t come soon enough. 


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