this is a musical

I was reading this 2013 article the other day and it kinda made me feel weird—I’m gonna be leaving high school soon but in the end I won’t actually be leaving it at all and whaaa—

I’m in that sort of in-between stage where high school is too constricting and almost suffocating and university is still kind of scary but the “real world” is impossibly far away, and I’m no longer a good fit for high school but I’m not ready for university quite yet. It’s weird and unsettling. I want it to be over, but I’ve still got a little ways to go. There’s a little over a month until HIGH SCHOOL’S OUT FOREVER!!!!!1!!1!!!!11!!! (*insert High School Musical screencap here*)

The Met Gala happened and I saw a bunch of people on Tumblr going nuts over all the dresses—especially Rihanna’s. Personally, I see nothing wrong with her dress—I thought it was beautiful, and it was created by a Chinese designer, which I thought was especially cool. It wasn’t offensive to Chinese culture or the country, so I really don’t see a problem. Anyway, I saw a lot of negative opinions from non-Chinese people about the dress but not as many from other Chinese Tumblr users, so I thought I’d throw my certified-Chinese-Cinderella thoughts on here for posterity. 

I’m especially into Chloë Sevigny and her 90’s looks lately (I’m joining in on this rather late, I know)—I found this article The New Yorker ran back in 1994 on her when I was first looking at her Wikipedia page (yes, yes, I know Wikipedia’s trash for finding Actual Scholarly Info but this ain’t it) and it’s seven pages of amazing. I read it over and over and I guess I’m enamored by her Nineties Cool Girl Status? I don’t know for sure what draws me to her in particular, but it’s a certain je ne sais quoi. Here’s to you, CS. 



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