17.3 GB of a whole lot of nothing

It turns out I should probably keep up my French after high school winds down because I totally DESTROYED the DELF exam I took—it’s an international French certification thing that tests your Parisian French reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities. HELL YES. (Though to be honest I didn’t really expect to do so well??? Question mark???) Also, it is May. Hooray!

A little while ago I was looking for a photo I’d saved onto my phone and since then I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I go through fandoms so quickly and leave them behind—looking through the 22,807 pictures currently on the photo app on my phone, I can see the different things I was obsessed with evolve with the sands of time. One enduring thing I’ve always been into is the manga One Piece, but stuff like the epic webcomics Homestuck and the manga Attack on Titan—I still read them, but I don’t have that obsessive love for them that I once did. There are whole chunks of photos on my phone full of fandom-related photos…then less…then nothing…then it’s on to something else. 

This all sounds very deep and everything, but it’s really not like that. I just really need to delete some of these photos, because it’s taking up way too much memory for me to ignore it any longer. 


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