My style super-icons are…

  • Cara Delevigne, for her effortless skater-boy style. For a while I dressed really androgynously—all boys’ t-shirts and beanies and Converse—and I still feel really comfortable wearing elements of that sort of style. Cara does it perfectly when she’s just out on the street running errands or getting from place to place. 
  • Audrey Hepburn, because she’s (as MKTO would say) classic. I read somewhere once that Audrey never really thought she was all that pretty—that she said she had a big nose and big feet and that she was too thin and not curvy enough—and I guess at the time she wasn’t necessarily the total embodiment of every beauty standard society had for its women. But she’s so, so beautiful in her own way, in a timeless way, and even beyond that she was a stunner both inside and out. Audrey kind of crosses over from the “Style Icon” category into the “I Wanna Be You” category. MOM. (If you don’t know what that means, click here.)
  • Kim K. You can’t really deny that she always looks perfect, no matter what. It’s irrefutable. 
  • Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters, because she’s super relatable and down-to-earth and everything I’d want in an older sister figure with a wealth of style and life advice. 
  • Stephanie Villa, or SoothingSista. Her + Jenn would be all the support I’d ever need. 
  • Chloë Sevigny. I like rugged sorta attitudes and Chloë really nailed it to a T without trying…which, of course, is what makes her her. I don’t really know how to say how much I like Chloë and who she is and what she stands for without keyboard mashing, so I’ll just leave it at that. 

And one more…

  • Emma Watson. Not really for style in particular—I just want to meet her and know her and BE HER. Beautiful, smart, charming, accomplished, UN ambassador for gender equality—I’m pretty sure all my friends, male and female, would agree that she’s amazing. ★

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