It’s been an intensely unsatisfying week and I’ve felt kind of shitty all-around, but it’s frustrating to wanna say these sorts of things because realistically I HAVE NO REASON TO BE THINKING THIS WAY. I did hella well on my social studies diploma exam and I did better than expected on my biology unit test; it’s Teachers’ Convention this weekend and I get an extra two days off; I got to make and eat crêpes the other day instead of sitting in a traditional French class; I got to volunteer at my school’s open house tonight and got a nifty free t-shirt and the promise of guaranteed admission to a future pizza lunch for my time. And yet. AND YET. I still feel unproductive and dull and tired. Besides the looming sense of impending doom I’m getting from the calculus exam I just wrote, there’s a lot for me to happy about. But…I’m not as happy as I feel like I should be??? What?????

Tons of people have way more complicated problems than mine, and I feel like this sort of invalidates any reason I might have to complain about the simple stuff. I always try to push forward and move past my problems. This time, though, it’s not really any specific thing. I just feel…done. Not with life or anything, but more like I just need a break. Ahhhhh. That’d be nice. 

Maybe I need more sleep. 


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