about a boy

So. Today was “Touch of Class” day at school. Everyone was supposed to dress up? Maybe for Valentine’s Day, or maybe for FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH. Anyway, I wore all black—what my friends call my “classy black” (lol)—and wasn’t too festive (lolx2). People were giving stuff out for V-Day and there was a school Match-o-magics thing going on and it was a pretty nice time at school until English class…which was when I was presented with plush animals and candy and flowers in front of my whole English class by my best/boy//friend. I was so embarrassed I ran out of the room (I’m not really one for being the centre of attention) and only came back because I heard my English teacher calling me. It was so sweet and cute and adorable but at the same time the only thing running through my mind at the time was ohmygodohmygodohmygodwhatishappeningahhhhhhh—

Summary: ajdkshjdnksnajkdjdkdhsbh.


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Writes words mostly on the go. Lentils are life.

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