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Let me just say, straight up: I’m not trying to conform to society’s ideals of perfection and what looks good. I really do think anyone can look and feel great, because it’s a state of mind and not dependent on how you look. It’s just…I was sitting with my cat, watching TV, and I thought, “Wow. I am so not fit. I don’t wanna be like that anymore.” So I started working out.

I feel better after I’ve exercised. When I’m actually doing it I hate it and loathe even thinking of attempting to change up my lifestyle, but afterwards I feel amazing—like I’ve really accomplished something. I danced a lot just a couple years ago and since then I’ve never really found a mode of exercise that filled in the gap so many hours of dance training left behind, so I’ve kind of let my own personal fitness fall by the wayside. What kicked the thought back to the front of my mind was the sudden realization that the beginning of university is totally gonna sap all my time and mess up my schedule; I need to start getting into a regiment now so I’m not “surprised” later on. Besides, like I said, it feels nice to know that I’ve more than fulfilled my amount of recommended daily activity.

In closing, Blogilates is great.


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