show your stripes

I went to dance and one of my friends who hadn’t been there in a while showed up…with a random tattoo. She said two of her friends had done it on her at a party, that it had hurt a lot, and that they’d misplaced it on her foot, putting it lower than she would’ve liked. Just so ya know, we’re the same age (underage) (insert ironic LOL here) and she’s pretty sure her parents would kick her out of the house if they knew. To be honest, I don’t think her parents would go anywhere near that far—it’s a thinly lined black pineapple on the inside of her right foot, and it’s not controversial or anything like that—but she insisted that she’d just keep it a secret until she moved out in a few months. I told her she’d earned her official punk rock badge for getting an authentic stick n’poke tattoo, and I’m all for trying out new stuff. But although the idea is trendy and cool to me, it’s not something I’d ever go for. Personally, I’m more of a professional tattoo artist kinda girl. ☆


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Writes words mostly on the go. Lentils are life.

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