There’s a super-old Chinese theory that if your feet are cold, you’ll get sick. I don’t really know how much stock to put into that kind of superstition (my grandma was pretty into it, though, and for some reason she always had a tendency to be right), but I do know that if you feet are cold, the rest of you is gonna feel that way, too. Bona fide fact.

I watched a JennaMarbles video a while back; in it, she mentions how she doesn’t have time to shower every day. I can totally see her side of it, but showering every day has kind of been ingrained in my system now and I’m not sure if I could really stop anytime soon. I just like the feeling of getting rid of all the stuff I’ve been through during the day, taking as long as I want afterwards to moisturize and groom myself, slipping into soft warm clean pajamas and reading in bed under the covers with fuzzy socks before falling asleep (or going on Tumblr in bed, but same diff). It’s comforting to have a predictable and soothing regime to look forward to every night. It relaxes me. I’m not sure why this even occurred to me right now, but I’m not gonna question it.

IMPROMPTU TOPIC SEGUE! My friend was talking to me recently about this one jerk of a guy who’s been hounding her to go out with him and won’t leave her alone. She says he’s total trash—narcissistic, negative, and rude. According to her, he spouts anti-Semitic remarks and is all-around a hella douchebag, and on top of all that the guy is thirstier than someone who’s just eaten six saltine crackers in a minute. I told her to ditch him. I hope it all works out for her.

Other than that, all I’ve done today is eat ice cream from Marble Slab and play games at the arcade in the mall and eat phó at this one place inside T&T. (In other words, the day was pretty amazing.) AND I’VE FINALLY DONE ALL MY EXAMS FOR THE SEMESTER!!! WHOOOOOOO!!! Time for my seven days of real relaxation to begin.


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