thanks, costco

I already know I’m gonna bomb this physics exam and NO ONE CAN STOP ME (except you, mom).

I think my rigorous patented Asian Level Studying Regimen™ has temporarily liquefied my brain, ’cause I seriously can’t think of anything right now except:

  1. How I should probably be studying but on one hand I’ve ALREADY been studying and don’t feel like it and on the other it’s NECESSARY and will PROBABLY IMPACT MY FUTURE, so that’s my dilemma. Right-brain vs. left-brain, if you will. I wanna rebel and just say “Screw it, I never liked you anyway, physics” and bounce into that exam room without caring about it, but alas! I cannot. And will probably end up living out the days until the test in quiet (but studious) misery as I think about ways to distract myself in the meantime.
  2. How I just ate dinner but I still kinda want another mini chocolatine from downstairs. My mom just got a package of them from Costco and they’re really, really tempting.

Inevitably I’ll keep studying despite my overly dramatic complaints. But it’s okay. It could be infinitely worse.

I’m gonna go get that chocolatine. (There’s a big f you to all the media that makes women and girls feel like they need to watch what they eat! Imma eat this chocolate pastry thing and ain’t nobody gonna make me feel bad about it.)


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Writes words mostly on the go. Lentils are life.

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