break outta that dodecahedron

As soon as my finals are finished (a.k.a. in three days) I’m spending ALL THE TIME I CAN OUTDOORS, because being inside all the time while trying to force myself to work on kinematics and dissect forces is WILTING MY SOUL. (The caps lock was totally necessary.)

So. Yes. The weirdest thing is that the snow’s melting and we hit eight degrees a few days ago and it’s January, which is NOT LIKE CANADA AT ALL. Where has the country I’ve always known gone??? I’m pretty sure this is the warmest January I can remember…and while it’s all happening I’m indoors, only able to fantasize about it for now.

Soon, my love. Me + weirdly warm winter weather 4ever.


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Writes words mostly on the go. Lentils are life.

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