physics is not the bomb dot com

The title is self-explanatory. Also, I find that 1) I eat WAY more when I’m home studying and 2) I get WAY less done in the same amount of time. Plus, I’m sequestered inside ’cause of Canadian winters and the unwavering studious-ness of my friends, who also all shut themselves away to study. Siiigh. Sometimes it’s good to just be around a whole bunch of people—even though I’m introverted by nature and prefer to “recharge” by being alone, being alone ALL THE TIME is equally sucky after about a week. Guess I’ll just wait it out. It’s not long till second semester starts, anyway.

This entire post can be summed up as GO HOME PHYSICS NOBODY LIKES YOU.


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Writes words mostly on the go. Lentils are life.

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