things i have learned from customer service

I had a short-term seasonal customer service job that recently ended, and I’ve learned a bit from it. Like…

  1. Salespeople are usually bored outta their minds and would actually lovefor you to talk to them. It makes time go by infinitely faster.
  2. Sometimes the salesperson is having a shitty day or a shitty shift, and they usually if they genuinely want to make your shopping experience better they will do their damnedest not to let it show. Which is hard. So it should be appreciated.
  3. Not all salespeople know everything. In fact, there’s a lot salespeople don’t know, which means that a lot of the time they have to ask a whole bunch of other people what the answer is or where something is in the store. This happens even more often than you would think.
  4. People with customer service jobs are generally not trying to be annoying by hounding you with questions about how you are doing and the current promotions going on in the store. It’s probably either because their manager has explicitly told them to do so, or because they really do want to help you and know if they can assist you with finding something. Trust me, it’s not to be irritating. I’m an introvert, and it’s difficult for me to muster up the courage to go approach someone I don’t know to ask them how they’re doing—but I really did want to know if I could help out. I’m sure I came across as annoying to some people, but I never intended to bother them.
  5. Sometimes salespeople are walking around, keeping mental checklists of what they’d like to buy in the store for themselves. This is normal.
  6. When you work in customer service, you value someone’s patience when you’re helping them. A smile, a thank-you, assurance that you help has been appreciated—it goes a mile.

There is a lot more—an infinite number of other things. But that’s something to be outlined another day.


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