two oh one five

I rang in the new year with friends and family and ended the old year/started the new one the way I wanted to. There were *exciting times* to be had all around and it was fun. I really paid for it, though—I went to bed past two in the morning and had to go to work a few hours later. I still think it was worth it.

I have to write a speech that’s due for its first draft review in less than a week and even though I’ve got my general ideas together, I just can’t get it together to actually write the speech. I’ll probably do that tonight, after I publish this post. Because it’s only a five minutes long presentation, it shouldn’t be too difficult to write. Besides, I already had to write a submissions video to the committee that runs it a couple months ago that ran two minutes long already, so if I write a five minute long piece that’s, like, a page and a half? two pages? of writing. Nowhere near insurmountable.

Winter break is ending and I don’t want to go back to school or face finals or start waking up early again. I am the pinnacle of laziness and I revel in it. Or at least I am right now and will be until school starts again. Meh, semantics. I’m not looking forward to actually having to do all the work I’ve put off in the Spirit of Christmas a.k.a. an excuse for procrastination. I’ll actually have to be *productive* again. Quelle horreur!


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