Hello there!

I haven’t posted on here in essentially 1092738462 years, but here’s what I’ve been up to behind the scenes:

  • I completed my first (and very delightful) co-op term.
  • I finished my term as Arts & Culture Editor at The Gateway and became its Online Editor.
  • I published a feature article on BioWare with The Gateway that I’m super proud of.
  • I travelled to New York City and collected more tattoos.
  • I finally started weight training, which I had been thinking about for months but was too afraid to try before taking a Women’s Weightlifting class and actually learning what to do.
  • My PR for squats is now 160 lbs., but that was a struggle and also super uncomfortable. On the daily I’m usually in the 135-140 range.
  • My PR for leg press is now 320 lbs., which was also kind of uncomfortable and also a mistaken setting on the machine. But my legs are strong regardless, so I’m b a s i c a l l y Chun-Li.
  • My family acquired a Vitamix single-serving cup screw-on attachment thing that lets you make one cup of smoothie at a time, so now I drink smoothies every morning without having to stick the rest of the gigantic normal blender in the fridge. Game changer.

And…well…that’s it! Work was super busy and I really focused on that for the last little while. Now I’m still working, but in a different role and with a different set of staff (most of The Gateway’s staff turns over every year). The writing work I do is mostly over there for the time being. Check us out!


guess who just got out of homework prison

Yeezus I haven’t updated this website in months and months, but I can promise you that I’m still alive. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the interim, besides, y’know, going to school and traveling over the summer and working and the usual expected stuff:

  • I got four more tattoos, which brings my total up to six. They’re all black line work—it’s my favourite style.
  • I won a writing award at my uni, and then the piece I won it for was published in Glass Buffalo, the school’s literary magazine.
  • I published a cultural commentary piece (my first big cultural commentary feature!) on BuzzFeed News about asexuality/the lack of it in Riverdale~ it actually went viral for a few hours with the badge and everything, which was super cool!
  • I did a Money Diary for Man Repeller, which was fun!
  • I was hired as the Arts & Culture Editor at The Gateway, my university’s campus-wide media source!
  • I published a longform feature about oysters with The Gateway that was included in the November print edition, which I’m really proud of (๑・̑◡・̑๑)
  • I’ve been doing radio work with The Gateway for a while, but literally today the first episode of a little mini-series I’m creating was launched! It’s called Watch This Space, and it’s a project I’ve always wanted to see transpire. Credit for the dope-ass header image you can see above goes to Alex Patterson, The Gateway’s incredibly talented Art Director.
  • One of my essays is slated to be published in a major college writing textbook soon! Get ur analysis skills ready.
  • And last but not least by a long shot, I’ll be in the upcoming Rookie On Love book that’s coming out January 2, 2018! I was asked to write one of the essays in the anthology and I’m so excited to see it in book form.

Eff yeah, it’s been a time. Lots have happened since May—and it makes me wonder what other developments are in store in the future. The end of the fall semester is coming up; in the winter semester I’ll be starting my first co-op term as a consultant intern at an accounting, tax, and consulting firm downtown, which I’m super psyched for.

Okay, that’s all for now. It’s, like, 12:12 AM and I should sleep because I’ve been running myself into the ground lately. Curse you, school. But also, like, not, because school’s most of my life and I’d prefer to continue convincing myself that I am fine and this is all fine and I am that little hat-wearing dog in the flaming comic. Also, I mainly updated this blog for my friend Morgan, who is probably my most dedicated reader. Hi, Morgan! I will publish again here some time in the indeterminate and infinite future. Here’s a song to listen to as a token of my appreciation:

K gnite.

on the wire

Things kinda feel shitty right now, if I’m going to be frank. I’m waiting on some marks I have terrible feelings about, I can’t manage to get any interviews for jobs, and I feel generally directionless when most of the people I know are doing more and moving up and progressing in ways I don’t feel capable of coming close to. I keep bursting into tears at the slightest jab, which is incredibly annoying, and even more so because I can’t seem to stop crying. Everything makes me sad, which makes for a very unproductive and demotivating time. I just kind of keep going to sleep and waking up and hoping something will change. It’s ridiculous. I know I don’t explicitly have reasons to be that upset, and yet I’m constantly on the verge of crying all the time. 

I included that picture up above because I feel happy when I see it.

Your song of the post is Khalid’s “Location”:


I wrote a new piece over at The Billfold, which you can read here. It’s about school and money and clothes, and what could be better? Give it six minutes (according to Medium, that’s how long it’ll take to read) of bathroom reading time. You won’t regret it!

Also, here’s a chill tune for exam season by one of my favourite contemporary composers:

And listen to the album if you need something longer:


I love this little guy. Incidentally, I also have a severe nut allergy. The more you know!

The title comes from the wacky array of prints I’m wearing today: plaid, Magritte heads, the usual. And by the way, I’m, for once, not really tired. I ate a bunch of soup this morning—chicken noodle, not lentil for once—and drove to school. It was a more relaxed morning than usual, and I think that translated to my mood. Or maybe that’s just an illusion of my miiiiiind…

I feel like I should be going to bed sooner, though. I’m okay with waking up at 7:45 AM, but I should be itching to get out of bed by that time to be really productive, probably. The tricky thing is I can’t oversleep, because if I do that too many times I build up a kind of sleep surplus and 1) can’t sleep through a full night anymore like I usually do, and 2) am positively bouncing off the walls with excess energy. It’s best for everyone that I just stick to my standard seven or so hours.

(I’m typing this in a lecture even though all my midterms are coming up and I really shouldn’t be writing a blog post but I feel like I need something to do with my mind for a little while—even just five minutes.)

In other news, I was at kickboxing yesterday with E and he accidentally caused me to punch myself in the face. Whoops. I’m fine, though it hurt at the time.

It’s been a bizarre few weeks. I’ll be back when my Reading Week kicks around. In the meantime, wish me luck on my crusade against the barrage of midterm exams heading my wayin the next couple weeks.

merry merry merry

He is too pure for this universe.

Updated my phone. It sucks. I hate updating my phone, but I had put it off long enough. Besides, I wanted to see all the newest emojis. 

School’s out for now. I’m lounging around and being very lazy. It’s great. I have a lot of non-school work to do too, but I’m just quietly ignoring that for a bit. My mind needs a mini-break. 


Also: Happy holidays. My family isn’t particularly attached to Christmas and we are not religious, but it’s still a fun time of the year. Hope you are enjoying it, wherever you are.

an incomplete update from the desk of zhāo wǎn tíng

I feel very worn out right now.

Business school presentations have been gutting me recently, what with all the work and effort that goes into prepping the 25-page written document, and all the market and industry research, and all the calling of firms and editing of wording and financial calculations and figuring out if your four-person group is on schedule and writing analyses and gathering visuals and charts and graphs and determining market strategy and IT NEVER SEEMS TO END.

And then it does. One hour and 36 minutes ago, in fact. The deadline approached, we did the best we could, and sent it in. Now we have 24 hours to prepare a full PowerPoint presentation, rehearse our parts for the spoken performance, and, at 2:00 PM MST tomorrow, we will walk into our examination room with a couple other groups and some senior student judges and give the presentation 40% of our total mark for this particular course relies on.


I seriously can’t wait for Friday. Also, if you ever want to send me mail, feel free. I love reading messages. Thought I’d put that out there, since I’ve been getting a few messages lately and they’ve all been very sweet. ❤

Love you and wish a stress-free week on you. And now, back to business.

Also, a gift: I always, always listen to this when I study or do homework:

And here it is looped, which is the version I actually listen to:

It’s one of my favourite songs ever. I love all of Joji’s stuff.

P.S. I entered a few case competitions at my school since I last wrote here. The first was AICC, at which I didn’t place (lol), the second was the UAHRMA Case Competition, where my team placed third (!), and the third was EDGE Internal, where my team took first. WHOOOOOO! EDGE was right before the last week of work on the Big Business Plan Project, but. We won. Internal. It was totally worth.

(A case competition is a timed competition where multiple three- or four-person teams are all given an identical “case” about either a real-life or fictional company that details a specific problem the company is facing. Teams have a set amount of time to come up with the best solution they can for that problem, along with backup information to support their reasoning. At the end of the time period, all teams present their solutions live to the judges with accompanying PowerPoint presentations; the best teams, in the opinions of the judges, are moved through to finals. I quite like these competitions.)